Instagram selection #182

26 February 2019   •  
Written by Fisheye Magazine
Instagram selection #182

Tuesdays are Instagram days, on Fisheye. Self-portraits, minimalist compositions and urban poems are part of this new selection.


Photographer and designer Roman Spataro presents, on his Instagram account, a delicate universe. Minimalist compositions, urban landscapes and warm tones blend together to create a nostalgic and soothing universe.

© Roman Spataro / Instagram


Johnny Sharp, a photographer based in South London, specialises in street photography. As he walks through the streets of the British capital, he captures touching portraits and other amusing scenes from everyday life.

© Jonny Sharp / Instagram© Jonny Sharp / Instagram

© Jonny Sharp / Instagram


Here is a photographer who is passionate about portraiture. Influenced by fashion aesthetics, Flicka Elisa stages herself and reveals her multiple facets. A modern and fascinating vision of the female model.

© Flicka Elisa / Instagram© Flicka Elisa / Instagram

© Flicka Elisa / Instagram


The photographer who owns the @heatherrmorgann account is mainly interested in feelings. Through her practice of self-portraiture, she composes colourful and inspiring productions.

© heather / Instagram© heather / Instagram

© heather / Instagram


Poetry and dreams populate Ance’s gallery. A discreet and talented photographer. Her images constitute a sweet escape that will make you reconsider your daily life.

© Ance / Instagram© Ance / Instagram

© Ance / Instagram


Cameron McMurtrey is a photographer and director based between New York and Paris. This visual artist is inspired by the natural beauty of the places and people he photographs. Especially attracted to urban landscapes, he composes with his images a mundane yet magical gallery.

© Cameron McMurtrey / Instagram© Cameron McMurtrey / Instagram

© Cameron McMurtrey / Instagram


Nina is a German photographer living in New York. After her Architecture studies, she has found in street photography her favourite medium. With her streamlined photographs, she sublimates a chaotic environment. Her play with light transforms the ordinary into magic.

© Nina Welch Kling / Instagram© Nina Welch Kling / Instagram

© Nina Welch-Kling / Instagram

Cover picture © Flicka Elisa / Instagram

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