Instagram selection #230

28 January 2020   •  
Written by Fisheye Magazine
Instagram selection #230

Tuesdays are Instagram days on Fisheye’s website. Discover the seven accounts that we have spotted this week, and get inspired!


Winter is settling, and Ukraine’s beaches are deserted. “Nature and organisation”, write Stanislav Rivo as a presentation. These two words perfectly sum up his minimal universe. An account where pastel colours merge with the mysticism of emptiness.

© Stanislav Rico / Instagram© Stanislav Rico / Instagram

© Stanislav Rico / Instagram


Johannes Huwe was born in the wrong era. Fascinated by shiny and retro cars, the German photographer immerse his followers into breathtaking American landscapes. More than a passion, vintage is for him a lifestyle.

© Johannes Huwe / Instagram© Johannes Huwe / Instagram

© Johannes Huwe / Instagram


Here is an account that will get future fashion photographers interested. His owner? Daniel Garzee, a Spain-based artist who showcases here his personal experimentations and various collaborations. A beautiful discovery!

© Daniel Garzee / Instagram© Daniel Garzee / Instagram

© Daniel Garzee / Instagram


Maxim Petrov, a Russian photographer specialising in analogue portraiture, borrows from the rules of fashion to produce emotional images. By playing with textures and colours – tears, neon lights and soft focus – the artist builds a dark and magnetic world.

© mxmptrv / Instagram© mxmptrv / Instagram

© mxmptrv / Instagram


Intimate scenes and foreign landscapes fill Sebastian Kortmann’s Instagram gallery. The German photographer travels all around the world to get the perfect picture. Fascinated by light, he has it colouring each image.

© Sebastian Kortmann / Instagram© Sebastian Kortmann / Instagram

© Sebastian Kortmann / Instagram


We do not know anything about @des.lo, a mysterious Instagramer, but his universe is rich enough to catch our attention. His creations – both real and virtual – all showcase a post-apocalyptical world, where ruins left by humanity rise, here and there. A fascinating account.

© des.lo / Instagram© des.lo / Instagram

© des.lo / Instagram


In India, Raj Sarkar is a renowned street photographer shooting both in black and white and colour. To discover his humanist work, one simply has to scroll his Instagram gallery.

© Raj Sarkar / Instagram© Raj Sarkar / Instagram

© Raj Sarkar / Instagram

Cover picture: © Raj Sarkar / Instagram

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