Instagram selection #183

05 March 2019   •  
Written by Fisheye Magazine
Instagram selection #183

Colourful compositions, urban journeys and beautiful portraits … Find inspiration with the Instagram selection #183. Discover the seven Instagram accounts of the week!


Clara Delarue is a passionate and talented designer and Instagrammer who loves minimalism, graphic design and imperfection. The Swiss artist highlights interesting details of architecture or the everyday life, between light and shadow.

© Clara Delarue / Instagram© Clara Delarue / Instagram

© Clara Delarue / Instagram


Based in Barcelona, photographer Marta Vidal is fascinated by architecture. Colourful and minimalist, her images sublimate the buildings she discovers during her travels – from Japanese houses to Brazilian buildings, not to mention the skyscrapers of her native country.

© Marta Vidal / Instagram© Marta Vidal / Instagram

© Marta Vidal / Instagram


“Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Jeff explores and photographs intriguing public spaces filled with shadows and bright lights,”

  can we read on Jeffrey’s website. The city has become his favorite playground. Whether he photographs with his camera or his iPhone, he always pays particular attention to light and composition.

© Jeff Karp / Instagram

© Jeff Karp / Instagram


Kristian Araujo is passionate about two things: film and cars. His Instagram gallery may be read like a diary, changing at the pace of the seasons. Though cars are indeed present, we may also discover beautiful scenes of everyday life.

© Kristian Araujo / Instagram© Kristian Araujo / Instagram

© Kristian Araujo / Instagram


“Planning your life as if Jesus was coming back in 100 years,”

Lou writes on her Instagram account. This artist based in Norman, Oklahoma specialises in photography, but also enjoys sewing and painting. Though a wedding photographer – love stories inspire her – she is also passionate about fashion photography.

© lainey (lou) conant / Instagram© lainey (lou) conant / Instagram

© lainey (lou) conant / Instagram

The mysterious Instagrammer, aka Vitalik, specialises in portraiture. By playing with colours and materials, the photographer reveals the complexity of the human being and offers a poetic introspection. / / Instagram

© / Instagram


Here is a photographer who no longer needs to prove herself on Instagram. On her gallery, she tries to show how “souls cling to each other”. A visual delight punctuated by mantrax such as: “personality will always surpass appearances”.

© sundivers / Instagram© sundivers / Instagram

© sundivers / Instagram

Cover picture © lainey (lou) conant / Instagram

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