Nikon Photo Contest 2019 : it’s your turn to take a chance!

The Nikon Photo Contest is now open for entries. Photographers, professionals and amateurs from all over the world, can submit their photographs until January, 31st via Nikon’s website.
19 November 2018   •  
Written by Maria Teresa Neira
Nikon Photo Contest 2019 : it's your turn to take a chance!

The Nikon Photo Contest has been held by Nikon since 1969 to provide an opportunity for photographers around the world to communicate and to enrich image-making culture for professionals and amateurs. Adapting to the changes that we are living in photography, Nikon continues to evolve to provide new opportunities for discovery. For the 37th edition of the contest, 3 categories are put forward to submit your photographs. Each category is associated to a subject:

  • Open: ‘Change’is the theme for the Open Award category. We are all experiencing and adapting to the rapid changes occurring in today’s world, but the significance of change varies for each one of us. We would like you to share your personal photographic expressions of ‘Change’. No restriction of age to participate in this category.
  • Next Generation: for this category, the theme, targeted at 25 years old people and under, is ‘Identity’. We are living in a time when value is placed on individuality, with more opportunities for self-expression than ever before thanks to the social media. This category is an invitation to explore your vision of identity.
  • Short Film: the theme for the Short Film Award is ‘Hope’, the state of mind that encourages us to take a step forward toward the future. The videos submitted for this category should last between 6 and 180 seconds, the time to express your own hopes for the future in video form.

How to participate:

The call for entries is open to all the photographers, professionals and amateurs. You can submit your work directly via the Nikon Contest website.

For the second year, Neville Brody, graphic designer specialising in digital design, typography and identity, will be the president of the Jury for the Nikon Photo Contest 2018-2019. The prize listis extensive, the award winners will receive Nikon material and their work will be exhibited at venues managed by Nikon. The winners of the Nikon Photo Contest 2018-2019 will be announced during a ceremony that will take place in August 2019.

For more information visit the Nikon Contest website.

© Richard V. Harrison

© Richard V. Harrison, Color Photograph Section 1st place, 1977-1978

© François Debeauvais

© François Debeauvais, Grand Prize 1987-1988

© Douglas Peeble

© Douglas Peeble, Color Photograph Section 1st place, 1992-1993

© Tian Yuan Yuan

© Tian Yuan Yuan, Grand Prize 2016 – 2017

© Robert Steve Bauer

© Robert Steve Bauer, Color Photograph Section 1st place, 1978-1979

Header image © Tian Yuan Yuan, Grand Prix 2016 -2017

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