Instagram selection #225

24 December 2019   •  
Written by Fisheye Magazine
Instagram selection #225

Whether they prefer spontaneous or staged scenes, the photographers of this Instagram selection #225 are all developing a unique aesthetics. Wait no longer and get inspired!


Wherever his steps lead him, Chase Baxter captures “stuff he sees”. A varied collection that can be found on his Instagram gallery. Coloured by rosy tones, his pictures are inspired by minimalism, abstraction or even cinematography.

© Chase Baxter / Instagram© Chase Baxter / Instagram

© Chase Baxter / Instagram


Boston based photographer and director, Austina Quitnana specialises in portraiture. By playing with aesthetics, he is able to reveal an emotion, a personality, in each image. A diverse yet fascinating collection.

© Austin Quintana / Instagram© Austin Quintana / Instagram

© Austin Quintana / Instagram


Photographer and musician Ira Shambary defines herself as a “seeker”. By scrolling through her Instagram account, one may discover a few key steps of her quest. And then, her attention to light and stages scenes.

© Ira Shambary / Instagram© Ira Shambary / Instagram

© Ira Shambary / Instagram


“Enthusiast of catching surreal moments with cinematic characteristics”

, says Leon M. alias @lenswatching. Inspired by light – whether it be artificial or natural – the artist reveals details and immerse his scenes in darkness, inviting is to dive into a most mysterious world.

© lenswatching / Instagram© lenswatching / Instagram

© lenswatching / Instagram


Another photographer who views light and staging as an important part of photography. At only 19, Dominik Podlipniak has already managed to build a unique identity. One glance at his Instagram account is enough to be convinced!

© Dominik Podlipniak / Instagram© Dominik Podlipniak / Instagram

© Dominik Podlipniak / Instagram


He is one of the 52 most influential street photographer. Born in the United Kingdom, Phi Penman is now based in New York – his favourite playground. For more than 25 years, he has been documenting the fast stream of the city’s streets.

© Phil Penman / Instagram© Phil Penman / Instagram

© Phil Penman / Instagram


Dark skies and snowy landscapes… We are definitely in winter! By scrolling through Maxime Giol’s account, whom we know nothing about except his passion for nature and great spaces, a certain peacefulness awakens. A soothing moment.

© Maxime Giol / Instagram© Maxime Giol / Instagram

© Maxime Giol / Instagram

Cover picture: © Maxime Giol / Instagram

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